Why 98% of Farmers Choose Hightop Layer Chicken Cage ?

Q235 wire, yield strength N>600275 gsm Zinc coating the metal sheet frame

  • Eggs broken rate:<0.5%

  • 20 Years of service life

  • 3mm  reinforcing wire to hang the cage

I. Hightop Hot Sell Products in Philippine

Layer Chicken Cage

  • The recommended number of birds: 2,000-20,000/house
  • Life Time: 20years
  • Eggs Broken Rate: <0.5%
  • Feed Egg Ratio: 2.2:1

A Type Battery Cage

  • The recommended number of birds: 10,000-20,000/house
  • Life Time: 20years
  • Eggs Broken Rate: <0.5%
  • Feed Egg Ratio: 2.0:1

H Type Battery Cage

  • The recommended number of birds: 10,000-80,000/house
  • Life Time: 20years
  • Eggs Broken Rate: <0.3%
  • Feed Egg Ratio: 2.0:1

II. Hightop Product Advantages


  • U shape, 2 mm thickness 3 sides, cold roll forming no welding part stronger
  • 275gsm Zinc coating the same metal sheet as the battery cage

Smooth Mesh Surface

  • Hightop upgraded hot dipped galvanized process,smooth surface
  • Not hurt chicken feet

Strong Cage Mesh

  • Q235 wire, yield strength N>600, not easy to bend
  • 3mm reinforcing wire to hang the cage

Cage Floor Mesh Connector

  • Hightop upgraded cage, with metal connector

Cage Floor Mesh

  • Add one wire, no gap, and reduce broken eggs

Strong Cage Floor Mesh

  • All the warp wire (the long wire) is 3mm, reinforcing wire, preventing bending

III. Who is Hightop

● Over 20 years of experience in poultry equipment production.

● Turnkey solutions from consulting, design, production to transportation, installation, and usage guidance.

● ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified Manufacturer.

● Lifetime agriculture consultant, Free quote & 3D chicken house design

Hightop battery cage, your more professional partner for the poultry business!

IV. Hightop Projects in Philippines

7,776 Birds Project in Philippines

Hightop layer cage is of great quality and it makes my farm look cleaner.

Farmer – Francis

15,360 Birds Project in Philippines

Hightop A type battery cage allows me to manage my farm in a more orderly manner.

Farmer – Charles

32,610 Birds Project in Philippines

Hightop not only provided free 3D chicken house layout design, they also arranged professional installation instructions, now I can use these devices smoothly.

Farmer – Daan

V. Hightop Projects in Philippines

  •  In Hightop you can buy all the equipment you need for an automated farm.
  • Hightop offers one-site service, including project design, quality control, installation, after-sale service, and farming guidance.
  • The one-stop shop can meet your needs to buy all the equipment of the farm in one place, which is convenient and quick, and can also save you some expenses.

Hightop battery cage as a professional bird cage manufacturers,our professional team according to the size of your venue and the number of birds, will help you with free product quotation and layout design.

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Our poultry production & poultry processing equipment and facilities have been exported to many countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Namibia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, and Albania, etc.

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