Project Description

Poultry Cage Project in Uganda

In Jun., 2016, Mr A from Uganda draw the size of the poultry house he already have. He want to check the quality of the cage first, so like the picture I showed, he just want to fill the 56.3m long and 14m wide place. After my caculate, he can put 3-4 lines of 4-tier chicken cages. Finally he decide to buy 78 sets, place into 3 lines, 26 sets/line, keeping 12,480 chicken.

Bellow are the cages he just installed, he said the cages are good, he will fill the whole chicken house early 2017. We are glad to provide good quality cages to our customer.

chicken cage project in Ugandachicken cage in Uganda

Project Details

Number of chicken: 12500 chicken, just a part of his house

Size of chicken house: 56.3m long, 14m wide.

Layout: 3 rows, 26 sets/row.

Tiers and doors of the cage: A type, 4-tier, 5 doors, 160 capacity.

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized

Customer feedback: The cages are good, will order more to fill the house in 2017.