What are poultry transport crates?

Poultry transport crates are used to transport chickens, ducks, geese, quails, and other poultry or birds.

chicken transport crates

Type 1 – made of two pieces

chicken transport cage

Type 1 – made of two pieces
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1750×550×270426*33Polypropylene plasticAdult chicken13
Type 2-made from six pieces
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1750×550×1904.7529×32Polypropylene plasticPigeon, baby chick13
2750×550×230529×32younth chicken13
3750×550×2705.2529×32old chicken13
4750×550×3305.7529×32Duck, goose chicken10
5950×550×250729×32Duck, goose,chicken10 or12
Day old chicks transport cage
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1690*495*140mm1.70PPbaby chick100
2690*495*160mm1.850baby chick100
Color and Logo could customized, only 200pcs will be OK.

Features of Hightop® poultry transport crates

  • Properly designed transport crates protect the feet of poultry.
  • Small holes in the crates and a smooth bottom avoid clamping and possible injury of poultry. There is also good ventilation.
  • Easy installation.
  • The bottom and top of crates match together so there is no sliding of parts and the birds may be transported safely.
  • Our crates have a longer lifespan than most, up to five years.
  • 100% pure PE material, not a recycled material. Crates feature a thicker middle support and thicker corner compression resistance.
  • They are easy to open and remove the chickens.
  • They have big sliding doors on a track design that saves time.
  • Easy to carry and move.
  • They save space because they fold.

Plastic Poultry Transport Cratesplastic chicken transport crates