Plastic Poultry Transport Crates and Boxes – Chicken Crates for Transport

HIGHTOP chicken crates are made of 100% high-density polyethylene, which is safer to use and has a longer service life. It is stackable and can transport a large number of chickens quickly and conveniently, helping to reduce the death of poultry caused by long-term transportation and high temperature environment.

Our poultry crates has a large sliding door, allow you quickly load various poultry. The spacious space provides excellent ventilation and ensures the health of the chickens. The smooth surface minimize scratches and wing damage. The small lattice at the bottom of the crate prevents injuries to the bird’s feet.

What are chicken poultry transport crates?

Poultry transport crates are used to transport chickens, ducks, geese, quails, and other poultry or birds.

poultry crates

plastic chicken crates

chicken transport crates

poultry transport crates

Specifications of Chicken Crates
chicken transport cage

Type 1 – made of two pieces
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1750×550×270426*33Polypropylene plasticAdult chicken13
Type 2-made from six pieces
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1750×550×1904.7529×32Polypropylene plasticPigeon, baby chick13
2750×550×230529×32younth chicken13
3750×550×2705.2529×32old chicken13
4750×550×3305.7529×32Duck, goose chicken10
5950×550×250729×32Duck, goose,chicken10 or12
Day old chicken transport cages
No.SizeWeight/kgDoor sizeMaterialSuit forQuantity chicken
1690*495*140mm1.70PPbaby chick100
2690*495*160mm1.850baby chick100
Color and Logo could customized, only 200pcs will be OK.

Features of poultry crates

  • Properly designed chicken transport crates protect the feet of poultry.
  • Small holes in the crates and a smooth bottom avoid clamping and possible injury of poultry. There is also good ventilation.
  • Easy installation.
  • The bottom and top of crates match together so there is no sliding of parts and the birds may be transported safely.
  • Our crates have a longer lifespan than most, up to five years.
  • 100% pure PE material, not a recycled material. Crates feature a thicker middle support and thicker corner compression resistance.
  • They are easy to open and remove the chickens.
  • They have big sliding doors on a track design that saves time.
  • Easy to carry and move.
  • They save space because they fold.


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