New Chain Type Harvesting Broiler Cage

  • Cage mesh: Q235 carbon wire mesh
  • Harvesting method: Automatic chain-type harvesting
  • Material: 275gsm zinc coating
  • Tiers:2-4 Tiers
  • Certification: ISO 9001, PVOC, SONCAP
  • Lifetime: 15-20 Years
  • Manure cleaning belt: 1.2mm PP belt
  • Fully automatic harvesting
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Video Display

This video is your front-row seat to witness the cutting-edge design and functionality of the New Chain-type Harvesting Broiler Cage. Explore how this revolutionary cage is transforming traditional poultry farming into a streamlined, humane, and highly efficient process, ensuring an effortless harvesting process with maximum yield.

Chicken House Design Drawing

chicken house cross-section

cage size

Recommended Coop Size and Number of Chickens

Building size recommend
Recommend building size Chicken quantity Cell length(mm) Cell width(mm) Cell height(mm) raising areas(cm²) Number of birds per layer
91*17*5.2m (4-tier cage) 60000 (2.5kg bird} 3300 1500 550 495 100-125
98*17*5.2m (4-tier cage) 81000 (1.8kg bird) 3300 1500 550 495 100-125

Product Details

Automatic Harvesting

  • Chain type of conveyor ensures more gentle harvesting, reduces damage of chickens

  • Fully automatic harvesting
  • lifting system at the final part can transport chickens from each tier outside the house

Cage and Frame

  • Stong cage mesh: Q235 carbon wire for cage mesh, stronger tensile strength, 15-20 years lifespan
  • Strong cage frame: 2mm thick U-type cage frame, more stable to support chickens
  • More anti-corrosion: 275gsm zinc coating + painting, make the surface more anti-rust in the corrosive environment

Drinking System

  • The lifting system for every water dispenser allows chickens to drink at the correct height
  • Two different water supply lines are placed in each cage with 8 to12
  • 360° water supply of the nipples
  • Supply doser and pressure gauge

Pan Feeding System

  • Lifting system of pan feeding line allows chickens to eat at the correct height
  • Feed sensor: IFM®
  • Feed pipe: hot galvanized
  • Spiral: imported from South Africa

Manure Cleaning System

  • PP belt, 1.2mm thickness

Real Shot of Chicken House


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