A Type Fully Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment for Sale

A type battery cage system introduce

A Type Battery Cage Details

Material: Hot dipped galvanized, Q235

Chicken Quantity: 10000-20000/House

Lifetime: 20 Years

Certification: ISO 9001, SONCAP, PVOC

Feeding trough: PVC

Water pipe thickness: 2mm

A Type Fully Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment Farm Display Map

A Type Fully Automatic Layer Chicken Equipment

Why Choose HIGHTOP Layer Chicken Equipment

1. Advantage of A Type Fully Automatic Chicken Equipment

2 to 5 Times Raising Quantity

Easy start-up of a modern chicken farm

  • Lower power consumption.
  • Lower initial investment costs.
  • Upgradable automation.
HIGHTOP chicken house

Apply to different chicken houses

  • Closed chicken house.
  • Semi-open-type chicken house.
  • Open-type chicken house.

Optimal Raising Results

  • Laying rates min  96%.
  • Eggs Damaging Rate does not exceed 0. 5%.
  • 20 years service life.

Upgraded to smart farm

  • Integrate all data of the farm.
  • Smart control the whole farm.
  • Inspect the chicken house at any time.

2. Product Advantages of A Type Battery Cage

I.Clever Design of Cage Mesh

  1. 439cm²/bird: Suitable cage space, chickens grow better, lay more eggs
  2. Bottom Mesh with 8 ° Slope: The egg rolls down gently, low number of cracked eggs
  3. Sliding door with clip: Simple to move birds in and out, no chicken escape.
  4. One Reinforcing Ribs at Each Bottom Mesh: 50kg/㎡ Load-bearing Bottom Mesh, cage won’t bend after putting heavy chicken

II.Saving Chicken Feed

  1. Feed uniforming device: Give chickens uniform feed, so chicken weight is even, lay more eggs
  2. Feed returning device: Return feed back to feeder trough, save chicken feed
  3. Big size PVC feeder trough: Minimum feed losses

III.Reduce Egg Broken Rate (<0.5%)

hightop a type battery cage

  1. Nylon egg collection belt: Good elasticity, reduce egg breaking rate.
  2. Less manual work: less touch on eggs, less egg-breaking break rate.

IV.High Quality

  1. Q235 carbon wire for cage mesh: stronger tensile strength with more than 20 years of lifespan
  2. 2mm thick U type cage frame: more stable to support chickens
  3. All steel sheet we use is  Zinc Aluminum Magnesium surface treatment:  marine grade surface treatment, anti-rust, have very good performance.

3. A Type Automatic Chicken Equipment Compared With Layer Chicken Cage Data

4. Advantages of A Type Automatic Chicken Equipment

4.1. Higher Feed-to-Egg Ratio-Auto Feeding System

Higher Feed-to-Egg Ration means your chickens eat less feed but lay more eggs.

Our auto-feeding system can help save your chicken feed.

  • Save chicken feed with feed uniform and feed returning device
  • Save feeding time with an automatic system
  • Save labor cost

4.2. Lower Mortality-Auto Manure Cleaning System

With an auto manure cleaning machine, you can make a sure clean and healthy environment for chickens, reducing the mortality rate.

  • Clean chicken manure timely can reduce ammonia gas that can cause chicken respiratory diseases, reducing mortality.
  • Clean chicken manure three times, ensuring the belt is clean.

4.3. Lower Egg Broken Rate- Auto Egg Collection System

With an automatic egg collection system, you don’t need workers to pick up eggs manually, so you can:

  • Reduce egg broken rate (less than 0.5%)
  • Save labor and time
  • Make sure clean eggs

4.4. Longer Service Life- Auto Cage System

  • Cage mesh: hot dipped galvanized, lifespan is 15-20 years
  • Cage stand: Zinc Aluminum Magnesium surface treatment, better anti-corrosion quality than manual cage stand. And stand is made of U type steel by the molding machine, with no welding point, more stable.
  • More reasonable cage design: Bigger cage nest size, so you can raise more chickens in the same area.

4. HIGHTOP Our Projects

5. Turnkey Solution

turnkey solution

6. Certificate


Welcome to visit more details through our 720°view of the chicken farm with 1,000,000 layers.


Our fully automated poultry farm equipment is only for medium and large chicken farms with 5,000+ birds, If you own a small farm, automatic battery cage system is not cost-effective, you can use our common chicken cage.

We can ship our equipment to Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, PNG, Africa, America, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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