Poultry Slatted Floor System, Plastic Poultry Flooring for Cage Free Chicken Farm

Hightop plastic slatted floor system is made of high-strength, wear-resistant polypropylene, the poultry plastic flooring is designed for cage free chicken farm to replace wood floors in poultry house. Plastic poultry flooring system can separate poultry and manure, thereby inhibiting bacterial reproduction and growth. In addition, it has a longer service life than wood, is moisture-proof and easier to clean, and can reduce poultry foot pads and leg problems.

In some countries, due to the legal protection of animal welfare, the use of battery cage system is banned. Therefore, the plastic slatted floor system is a compromise cage free solution, which allows poultry to move freely in the poultry house without being restricted by cages.

Benefit/Features of Poultry House Flooring

  • Strong and durable: our plastic poultry flooring is made of high impact solid polypropylene, with high impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Clean and hygienic: easy to clean, the plastic structure is anti-corrosive, anti-microbial and easy to discharge waste.
  • Friendly to poultry feet: smooth surface, good support for poultry feet, avoiding diseases of poultry legs and feet.
  • Wide range of application: We have various specifications suitable for various poultry such as laying hens, broilers, chickens, ducks, geese, etc.
plastic poultry flooring

Plastic poultry flooring for chicken and duck

plastic slatted floor for poultry

Plastic slatted floor for poultry

plastic poultry flooring system

Plastic poultry flooring system

plastic chicken coop flooring

Plastic chicken coop flooring

Plastic Slatted Floor for Chicken & Duck
Size (cm) Hole size (cm)
120x50x4 2×2.2
100x50x4 2×2.2
90x50x4 2×2.2
120x50x4 2×1.5
100x50x4 1.3×1.3

The raised chicken coop floor is also suitable for ducks. It is designed for layer chickens and ducks to lay eggs in the poultry coop.

plastic poultry house flooring

Plastic poultry house flooring

cage free system

Cage free system

cage free chicken farm project

cage free poultry farm


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