Automatic Harvesting Broiler Cage

An automatic harvesting broiler cage is also called a Pull-Out slat-type automatic harvesting broiler cage. This broiler cage features automatic feeding and manure cleaning and adds automatic bird harvesting. When it’s time to collect the chickens, you pull out the removable tray in the cage, causing the chickens to drop onto the manure belt. The manure belt will then transport the chickens to the end of the cage, where the horizontal bird harvesting machine will carry them out of the chicken house and onto the round table for bird catching. Workers can collect the chickens from the round table for bird catching, eliminating the need to collect chickens from each cage manually. This method not only reduces the injury rate of the chickens but also speeds up the collection process.

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Automatic Broiler Cage

Automatic Harvesting Broiler Cages

Pull-out slat type Broiler Cage

Automatic Broiler Chicken transport machine

Save labor

Less harvesting labor

Save time

Bird-harvesting>6000 birds/hr

Save Feed

Feed-to-meat Ratio 1.4:1

Long Lifespan

15-20 years

Automatic Harvesting Broiler Cage Drawing

Pull-Out slat-type automatic harvesting broiler cage chicken house

Pull-Out slat-type automatic harvesting broiler cage size

cage size

Take 60,000 Chickens Per Shed as Example

Technical Parameters
Chicken house size Cage mode Cage quantity Installation size of one set cage One-tier cage size Unit rearing (single layer) Chicken quantity per unit Chicken quantity per shed Average chicken weight
90m(L)×16.5m(W)×3.5m(H) H type, 3 tiers 55 sets/row, 5 rows 1.5m(L)*1.8m(W)*3.1m(H) 1.5m(L)*1.8m(W)*0.55m(H) 75 birds per 2.7㎡ 225 61,875 1.8kg

Product Advantage

1. Cage mesh + frame

Cage mesh+frame

  • Cage size: perfectly fitted to match the number of birds (raising density:50kg/㎡).
  • Surface treatment: hot galvanized with uniform 275g zinc coating, good anti-corrosion quality.

2. Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding

  • Silo: weighing device is included for daily records of feed consumption.
  • Pan feeding: The height is adjustable to feed chickens at different ages.
  • Feed sensor: IFM®.
  • Feed pipe: hot galvanized.
  • Spiral: imported from South Africa.
  • This mechanism guarantees a uniform distribution of feed over the whole system.

3. Automatic drinking

Automatic drinking

  • Lifting system for every water dispenser allows chickens to drink at the correct height.
  • Two different water supply lines are placed in each cage with 12 pcs drinkers.
  • 360°water supply of the nipples.
  • Supply Doser, filter, and pressure gauge.

4. Automatic manure cleaning

Automatic manure cleaning

  • PP belt, 1.2mm thickness.
  • Conveying speed: 3m/min.

5. Automatic bird-harvesting

Automatic bird-harvesting

  • Plastic slat floor: PP raw material, soft and strong, hurt chicken breasts and feet; Easily pulled out.
  • Flexible bird-harvesting time: Qualified chickens are taken out first. Chickens below the slaughter weight can continue to be raised for 1-2 days.
  • lifting system at the final part can transport chickens from each tier outside the house.
  • Bird-harvesting speed: about 6000 birds per hour.
  • PVC conveying belt with 600mm width.

6. Automatic ventilation

Automatic ventilation

  • Cone fan: pass dynamic balance test.
  • Cooling pad: with anti-rat mesh.
  • Air-inlet window: with anti-bird mesh.
  • Deflector: prevent cold air on chickens directly, avoid cold stress.

7. Automatic heating

Automatic heating

  • Different heating methods can be designed: gas type, water type, diesel type

8. Automatic lighting

Automatic lighting

  • Lights are specially for broiler chickens
  • Uniform lighting, no flicker

9. Prefab chicken house

Prefab chicken house

  • Customized prefab steel structure chicken house based on local environment

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