Commercial Quail Cages for Egg Production

HighTop is a professional quail cage manufacturer and supplier, and our commercial quail cages can help quail eggs and meat producers improve their centralized management and egg production.

Why choose to raise quail?

  • The costs of raising quail is relatively lower than that of chickens or other poultry.
  • Quail is less ill and very cold-resistant.
  • Quail grows very fast, faster than any other poultry.
  • They begin to lay eggs within 6-7 weeks of age.
  • High egg production.
  • Quail eggs are more expensive than eggs.
  • It is smaller than chicken and therefore takes up less space.

Why choose commercial quail cages?

  • Commercial quail cages can save your floor space
  • Improve management efficiency
  • Convenient to collect quail eggs

How long is your cage service life?

Our commercial quail cages for egg production are made from quality low carbon steel Q235 and are surface treatment is electro galvanized for durability and long life of 7-10 years.

Below are our cage specifications

Model HT-H32 HT-H32L
Type 6tier, 2doors 6tier, 2doors
Capacity 360 quails 400 quails
Size /tier 1.2*0.5*0.17m
Size /set 1.2*0.5*1.75m

Two Styles of Commercial Quail Cages Available

Hightop offers two styles of quail battery cages.

Commercial Quail Cages for Egg Production

quail laying cages

Complete Accessories

Our quail cages for egg production includes complete accessories including hosepipe, drinker, water tank, drinker and pipe connector, and feeder, etc.

quail farming cages accessories

quail cage with egg catcher


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