Poultry Feed Mill Equipment – Feed Grinder Mixer Machine

Feed grinder mixer machine is a poultry feed mill equipment, mainly used to produce powder mixed feed, suitable for large and small farms, feed processing plants, etc.

Poultry feed mill equipment is suitable for animal and poultry farms, such as small and large chicken farms, pig farms, etc. The mixer can be used for grinding and mixing various livestock, poultry and animal feeds such as chickens, pigs, sheep, fish, rabbits, etc. It has the advantages of compact structure, low power consumption, small occupied area, convenient loading and unloading, less dust, safe and reliable work.

The feed mill machine is divided into two parts: Feed grinder and mixer.

1. Feed grinder

There are two feeding methods for poultry feed mill machine: self-priming and forced feeding. When the material is sucked or sent into the crushing chamber, the high-speed rotation of the hammer is used to crush the material and use screens to ensure the granularity of crushed feed.

2. Feed mixer: When the propeller starts to rotate, the small feed hopper impeller chamber is forcibly sent into the conveying pipeline, and then lifted by the propeller to the top of the mixing barrel, at which time the material will be evenly scattered in the mixing barrel. The material rises and falls in the mixing tank and rotates left and right continuously to form a mixing process, thereby achieving a uniform mixing effect.

Poultry Feed Mill Equipment

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