Automatic Battery Cage System for Poultry Farming

Hightop Poultry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fully automatic poultry farm equipment. We have developed innovative and automated equipment for layer chickens, broilers and baby chicks. These equipment are developed for more efficient management of poultry to increase egg production and poultry meat. We offer a series of products in different sizes to optimize the available space and allow you to breed more poultry within the same land area. In addition, the battery design takes into account good internal ventilation and breeding density.

Our fully automatic battery cage system includes the following types:

  • Automatic layer cage system
  • Automated broiler cage system
  • Automatic pullet cage system

H Type Automatic Layer Poultry Farm Equipment

Hightop provides a complete set of fully automatic layer poultry farm equipment, including battery cages, automatic feeders, chicken waterer, manure removal system, closed environmental control systems, egg collectors, egg grading machines and egg washing machine, etc.

automatic battery cage system

Automatic H Type Battery Cage

automatic egg collection system

automatic manure removal system

automatic egg collection belt

A Type Automatic Chicken Cage

A type automatic battery cage system is also called “A-frame” chicken cage, It’s name comes from its A-shaped structure. Compared with H Type, it covers a larger area and is usually limited in height, with only 4 floors at the highest. The type H can be up to 8 layers, and the space utilization is higher, but it requires a manure removal belt on each layer, while the A Type only requires one manure removal belt at the bottom.

automatic layer cage system

automatic layer cage system

Automatic Broiler Farm Equipment

We design and supply automatic broiler farm equipment, starting from the first day of the chick birth, and throughout the entire growth cycle. The main equipment includes automatic automatic drinker cup, poultry feeder system, environmental control systems, lighting systems, manure cleaners, etc.

automatic broiler farm equipment

automatic broiler cage system

battery cage for broilers

brooder cage for chicks

pullet cage

Height adjustable nipple drinkers

automatic chicks cage

Brooder Cage System for Chicks

It’s also known as baby chick cages, including cages specially designed for pullet, and a series of supporting products, such as brooders and lighting systems, from the feed chain to the mobile hopper, from the water storage tank to the height-adjustable automatic drinker, and the automatic manure removal system.

automatic chicks cage

baby chick cage

baby chick cages

automatic pullet cages

automated chick cage

With automatic manure removal system

Fully Automatic Poultry Farm by Hightop Poultry Equipment

automatic poultry farm

Automated Chicken Farm Project in China

automatic layer poultry farm

automatic battery cage system

automated poultry farm equipment

Chicken House & Layer Poultry Farm Design

Hightop Poultry is not only a poultry farming equipment manufacturer and supplier, but also provides customers with chicken house and poultry farm design for layers and broilers.


Our fully automated poultry farm equipment is only for medium and large chicken farms with 5,000+ birds, If you own a small farm, automatic battery cage system is not cost-effective, you can use our common chicken cage.

We can ship our equipment to Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, PNG, Africa, America, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

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