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24 04, 2019

Commercial Rabbit Cages for Rabbit Farming

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Inquire Now Commercial rabbit cages HighTop is a professional rabbit cage manufacturer and supplier, our commercial rabbit cages can help meat rabbit breeders improve their centralized management and meat rabbit production. We can provide 2 tier rabbit cage and 3 tier rabbit cage for commercial rabbit meat production. Why [...]

23 04, 2019

Commercial Quail Cages for Egg Production

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Inquire Now Commercial Quail Cages for Egg Production HighTop is a professional quail cage manufacturer and supplier, and our commercial quail cages can help quail eggs and meat producers improve their centralized management and egg production. Why choose to raise quail? The costs of raising quail is relatively lower [...]

24 03, 2017

HIGHTOP® Layer Cage

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The hardness of metal wire depends on its carbon content. The metal wire we use for our layer cages comes from a large steel factory in China and it is very tough and hard, as well as ductile and malleable so that it is not damaged under stress. Cages generally have a lifespan that is at least three years more than the common factory-made types.