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Semi Automatic Poultry Feed Machine

Our poultry feeding machine has a number of features that specifically solve the problems of feeding poultry on small and medium chicken farms. This machine allows automatic feeding, has automatic moving systems without manual push, and uses a DC motor to drive it.

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Automatic Manure Removal Machine

A manure removal machine or manure scraper is used to clean a variety of sheds and to remove manure from farm barns, including those used to house chickens. They do an amazing job in terms of reducing the amount of labor required and help to maintain a good indoor air environment so that the animals have a good living space.

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Animal Feed Pellet Machine, Chicken Poultry Feed Pelletizer

A poultry feed granulator also named as poultry feed pellet machine, it enables you to make feed material into pellets easily. Generally, the diameter of pellets produced will be between 2 and 10 mm. Pellets make ideal fodder for chickens, rabbits, ostriches, and even fish.

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Poultry House Environment Control System

The poultry house environment control system is a machine that is made from hot galvanized steel sheet combined with high-strength steel plate that supports the machine and helps to keep it level. It has an independent device for opening and shutting that ensures it remains at 90 degrees and will cut off when necessary with having to open.

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Poultry House Atomizing Humidifier

The atomizing humidifier is mainly used to increase humidity in poultry houses. Its other functions are to reduce temperature, cool the environment, reduce dust, and deodorize the air. It also has an anti-static effect. In addition to poultry houses, it can also be used on livestock farms, in horticultural greenhouses, in industrial plants, textile workshops

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