What is a Poultry Water Pressure Regulator?

The poultry water pressure regulator is an extremely important part of poultry watering system that allows you to control the amount of pressure in your water line. Whether the pressure is too high or too low pressure-reducing valves can regulate and stabilize the pressure making sure the proper amount of water is in the pipe at any given time.

Features of Hightop® Poultry Water Pressure Regulator

  1. Large flow of automatic water supply
    The design incorporates an oversized intake flow regulator that increases the amount of water that can be used by 50 percent.
  2. Automatic washing
    Designed to automatically flush, it has a two-way automatic water valve combination that, when rotated to the wash stalls, automatically opens the internal regulator inlet to rinse thoroughly. It rinses after rotation to shift to the automatic voltage regulator water supply.
  3. Fast water supply
    When a quick supply of water is required, rotary valves can be combined with the wash stalls, doubling the water flow rate. The water will quickly reach the end of the waterline providing poultry drinking water as required.
  4. Automatic control and adjustable
    Automatic control reduces labor intensity, while the closed water supply is clean, reliable, easy to install, and easy to use.

chicken water pressure regulator

  • Rotate the water level display tube in the water level socket.
  • The cage can be connected to the regulators so that the outlet pipe joints connect to the drinking water pipes.
  • The flat support galvanized steel pipe on the regulator should have a diameter of 25.4 mm. Fix the fastening screw into the upper groove and fasten the water pipe to the regulator water connector. Then connect the other pipes, including the pipe for drinking water, into the waterline. Correctly done it will be stable and reliable.
  • The regulator has two water holes, according to requirements. The plug for the water connector can be replaced.
  • To connect the water hose and pressure reducer, loosen the strong cap of the pressure regulator and connect to the composite hose and water inlet. Tighten the cap.
  • Composite hose specifications: φ11.5 × 2.5″.

How to use water pressure regulator

  1. First rotate the work / recoil handle to adjust the working condition. Then you can adjust the water pressure using the rotating pressure adjustment handle.
  2. The water level indicator tube is used to increase or decrease the water level every 100 mm; nipple drinkers will increase or decrease the amount of water 8-10ml/min.
  3. To flush the pipeline, rotate the work / recoil handle and adjust to its recoil state. Then open the terminal valve.
  4. Parts required for the system: Water pressure regulator/water pressure tank, water pipes, pipe connectors and adaptors, nipple drinkers, drip cups, and water filter.