Hightop Poultry Equipment provides large quantity of plastic and pulp egg tray with high quality and cheap price, these egg trays are very strong and durable.

Features of the Plastic Egg Tray

  • Made of pure polyethylene
  • Resistant to acid and alkalinity as well as high temperature
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, and can be reused several times
  • Can be used to incubate baby chicks

Plastic Egg Tray

Features of our Pulp Egg Tray

  • Made of regenerated pulp and paper
  • The manufacture process is non-polluting, so it is widely known as the Green Egg Tray
  • The craft required to make the product is easy and the price of the machine is cheaper than that used to make plastic egg trays
  • There are several different capacities to choose from and colors can also be customized
  • 20GP holds 40,000 x 30 capacity egg trays; 40HC holds 100,000 x 30 capacity egg trays

Pulp Egg Tray