Duck and Chicken Plucker Machine

The chicken plucker machine is a type of poultry plucker, also known as chicken defeather machine, this feather plucking machine also can be used as quail and duck plucker, it is an essential part of modern farming that is used to remove hairs from slaughtered birds like chicken, hen, duck, pigeons quail or whatever. A defeather is needed along with the feather cleaning process. Defeathering can be finished in once time, the plume, fuzz, claw and the dirt of the surface etc.

The feather plucking machine also can be used for removing the skin of ginger, potato, mackerel scale, etc, but its basic use is in chicken other bird poultry farms.

Why Chicken Plucker is Necessary?

As soon as you will start to run your own poultry in a larger platform with more chickens/birds in it, you will realize that plucking is the job that consumes most of your time of maintaining the poultry. Also, this is such an operation that needs to be taken care of with expert hands. That’s why, for more precise and more efficient farming, automatic plucking machine is essential parts of modern poultry farming.

Chicken and Duck Plucker Machine by Hightop Poultry Equipment

Hightop poultry farm equipment has got a charming solution to your problem of chicken plucking and maintains your poultry run perfectly. We offer three different chicken poultry plucker of HT-P1, HT-P2 and HT-P3 size that may cover all of the needs of your poultry plucking. A clean and germ free plucking system is that much important for your poultry as the other important breeding factors because this is something that is going to reach your customers directly.

Consider to read more of the working principles and dimensions of feather plucking machine types to know more and find the best fit for your poultry.

Working Principle of Chicken Plucker Machine

  • Put the slaughtered poultry into the hot water of 65°C – 80°C, for scald uniformly. Then, turn on the machine.
  • After about 10 seconds, turn on (open) the water faucet (tap) so that the chicken feathers or ginger skin washes out.
  • Generally, removing chicken feathers only takes about 30 seconds. Stop chicken defeather machine and remove the poultry.
Poultry Plucker Machine Model
Type HT-30 (Quail) HT-40 (Quail) HT-50 HT-60 HT-65 HT-80
Work capacity 4kg/ (0.5-1min) 6kg/ (0.5-1min) 8kg/ (0.5-1) min 13kg/ (0.5-1) min 18kg/ (0.5-1) min 23kg/ (0.5-1) min
Feather plucking net rate 0.98 0.98 96% 96% 96% 98%
Net Weight 17kg 40kg 52K g 61kg 75kg 96kg
Gross Weight 20kg 43kg 63Kg 72Kg 85Kg 100Kg
Main axis Rotational speed 350r/min 260r/min 300r/min 260R/min 245R/min 230R/min
Motor Power 180W 1500W 1500W 2200W 3500W 4000W
Barrel diameter 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 650mm 820mm
Machine Dimension 35 x 35 x 60cm 67 x 47 x 82cm 60 x 60 x 90cm 70 x 70 x 92cm 100 x 76 x 92cm 900 x 900 x 920mm
Bird to be plucked Quail Quail Chicken Chicken, duck, Goose. Chicken, duck, Goose Chicken, duck, Goose
Bird numbers 3-5 12-15 4-5 7-8 10-13 10-15

1. Stainless steel handle
The handle enables safe, firm and convenient removal of the machine. The stainless steel has a high quality zinc coating that ensures it will never rust.

2. Installion using rivets
Installation using rivets ensures that the machine is anchored firmly and solidly in place, which contributes to the smooth running of the machine, and significantly extends the lifetime of the machine.

3. Waterproof button
Waterproof design that is safe, simple, and convenient to operate. One button for on, one button for off, both clearly identified.

4. Wide feather outlet
High quality wide feather outlet that is smooth and has the appropriate gradient, making the plucked feathers easy to discharge and the outlet easy to clean.

5. High quality rubber mixing sticks
High quality, tough, solid rubber sticks in the machine, wear well and keep their shape. Whorl-shaped design increases the force of friction. Small villi in the chickens’ intestine can also be removed.

6. Decreased feather removal time
The time that would manual removal of feathers would take is reduced by 90%.

7. Higher percentage of feathers removed
The feather plucking machine is able to remove 96% of all feathers.

8. Easy to clean

Plucker Water Proof Buttonplucker wide feather outletPlucker Rubber Stickstainless steel plucker

chicken duck feather plucking machine


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