What is the dredge device

After being used for a long time use chicken and duck waterline do tend to get blocked. The water pipe dredging and cleaning device is used to dredge the water pipe to clean it.

How to use it

The material used to manufacture the dredge device is polyester and it can be wound up for storage. It can also be bent and straightened out. To dredge the waterline you simply push the wire through the pvc pipe, then take it out and attach to the clean brush. Brush backwards and forwards to give the pipe wall a thorough clean.

Benefits of the dredge device

High temperatures in the waterline can cause them to perish, and this can cause chicken and duck diseases. By using the water pipe dredging and cleaning device you can get rid of any residue on the wall of the pipeline. Prevention is always better than cure, so it is best to reduce the incidence of disease by prevention rather than relying on treatment.

Features of the dredge device

  • Material: fiber reinforced plastic
  • Scope: chicken and duck waterlines
  • Type: Cleaning and dredging
  • Description: Square profile pvc pipe that doesn’t have to be dismantled and can be used to cleanup thoroughly.


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