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The automatic chicken waterer is also known as chicken nipple waterer, it is an essential part of the automatic battery cage system. It can save water resources, keep the water fresh and clean, and help farmers save time and reduce labor. The whole system consists of water tanks, pressure reducing valves, water pipes, and chicken water feeders.

We are automatic chicken water feeder and nipple drinker supplier, our chicken waterer is adjustable in height and can adapt to chickens of different ages. Whether it is a large farm or a small chicken house, it is the best solution for chicken drinking.

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Advantages of Nipple Drinker for Poultry Farming

  • 360° water outlet and high sensitivity: Chickens can drink water from every side of the nipple drinker. Once they touch the nipple, automatic chicken water feeder will releases a few drops of water to the chicken.
  • Easy to install and remove: It is easy to clean it and there are no costs relating to fastening and fixing.
  • Long lifespan and durable: All parts are made from stainless steel, high wear-resisting delrin and ASP engineering plastic. You can use a poultry nipple drinker for at least 10 years.
  • Low water pressure and scientific water flow design: The design of the chicken waterer is practical and it saves water.
  • No water leakage: This ensures that the chicken cage and manure stay dry.
  • Useful for chickens: 4-6 chickens can share one nipple.
  • High quality guarantee: All drinkers are checked before delivery to ensure the good quality.


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