Advantages of the automatic chicken feeding machine

The gantry automatic chicken feeding machine can be set to time and quantify the amount of feed for the chickens. A totally automatic feeding system, it does not require any person to operate it during the feed conveying and feeding process.

Types of fully automatic poultry feeding system

Hightop Poultry Equipment offers two types of fully automatic poultry feeding system, a gantry automatic feeding device and a ladder type automatic poultry feeding device.

Difference Between the Gantry and Ladder Type Automatic Feeding Machine

The gantry automatic chicken feeding device takes up a more vertical position in terms of space, so the height of the chicken house needs to be higher than a chicken house that uses a ladder type automatic feeding device. The latter takes up more space in a horizontal position, so if you want to use the ladder type device, the width between the rows needs to be at least 1.2 m.

One set of gantry automatic feeding machine can work for one to four rows. However, a set of ladder type machines can only work for one row. So the gantry automatic feeding device will save cost.

Why to choose gantry automatic chicken feeding machine

  • The machine is stable and homogeneous, and can therefore guarantee even feeding of chickens
  • It will enable you to adopt a uniform feeding device throughout the feeding process, from gravity feed, through the feeding tube to fill the material tank evenly, as well as avoid artificial feeding.
  • They save manpower, and because the machinery is driving a single feed, each run takes five to eight minutes through a 70 m-long shed.
Gantry automatic chicken feeding machine
Hopper material 1 mm thick galvanized sheet
Running speed 70 m-long chicken house takes 5-8 minutes
Running distance Hundreds of meters
Hopper capacity 100 kg a bucket
Room height Best is 3.5-4 m above the floor
Other If the chicken house doesn’t have a special feed silo, a screw conveyor (based on the Archimedes screw) is used to convey feed to the caged chickens. This has a diameter of 140 mm and capacity to carry feed at more than one ton per hour.

Gantry poultry feeding machine has following features

  • Safe, convenient, and energy saving, they push directly to the chickens with no noise at all.
  • It takes just 40 minutes to complete feeding 10,000 chickens.
  • One machine can take over the work of a dozen people, in this way reducing labor costs, improving the level of breeding and therefore breeding benefits.
  • It has an automatic feeding function that turns forwards and backwards as the machine moves freely through the chicken house.
  • The machine transports and dispenses powder feed from ground level via a chute. The height of the machine is adjustable and can operate so that it discharges on both sides, left and right.
  • The way the machine has been factory-set for feeding will result in minimal to a moderate degree of charging required.
  • The use of this machine results in less waste of feed because it loads evenly, and the SAP can be adjusted according to the charging speed chosen for the machine.

Structural characteristics of Gantry Automatic Feeding Machine

1. The frame:
The frame is made from high quality rectangular steel welded according to our design. The chassis was designed by engineers with many years of experience in structural design. They understand the needs of reasonable structures with a large carrying capacity, as well as the dangers of structural deformation etc.

2. A moving system:
The machines have an advanced moving system that has a vertical motor cycloidal reducer drive that contributes to a low failure rate, long life, smooth operation, and low noise. This also reduces the influence of noise on the chickens, improving the success rates related to the farming operation as a whole.

3. The operating system:
The transmission system of the machine is excellent. It features a chain wheel drive with a wheel that is made of high quality cast iron. Shock absorption is good, and the materials used are anti-corrosive. The rectangular profile of the guide rail used during laying ensures smooth movement, increasing the contact area to prevent any skid and also to save power. It enables the machine to operate at 12 meters per minute.

4. Feeding power system:
The feeding system adopts a variable motor speed to drive and carry out any adjustment of 15 – 75r/min. It has high sensitivity and a strong bearing capacity, low noise, and long life. Ultimately it provides a simple operation with a very stable force.

5. Feeding adjusting system:
The feeding wheel is made using special molds to prevent damage to other parts. The adjustment of the feeding wheel can make the feeding amount the same for different quantities of feed, and can also allow for uniform cutting of feed. There is a variable motor speed so that the degree of feed adjustment stays in the range of 1.25Kg – 5.85Kg / 12 meters per minute between the changes made.

6. Power system:
The distribution system used complies with the international standard for electrical appliances, as well as the professional electrical engineers’ design. After starting, when the feeding machine moves to the back it will stop automatically. This also saves manpower and results in easy management.

7. Lifting system:
The lifting system consists of a flat conveyor and a vertical conveyor, which feed the chicken food from the ground to the flat conveyor and distribute the feed evenly to the hoppers on the feeder using the flat conveyor. The photoelectric switch receives the signal to disconnect the control circuit of the motor and finish the work of feeding the food. It reduces the work intensity, reduces the waste of working hours, and improves the work efficiency in general.

Repair and maintenance

When the feeder is running it is best not to put anything above it as this could easily put stress on the motor and cause it to burn out.

Periodically check whether the belt is in good condition, and see whether there is any part that has come loose. The feeder relies on the belt to transport material (feed), and only if the belt is normal and provides full play will the machine perform to its maximum.

Because the feeder is between the various parts of the gear and chain control connections, you have to check the gear and the chain to ensure there is sufficient lubrication. If there is a lack of lubrication the equipment won’t work properly and this could damage the machine.

Feed production can produce a lot of dust that can result in the accumulation of a lot of dust in the feed machine control system. This can make the internal circuit short-circuit and result in damaged electrical circuits and other components. For this reason, every once in a while it is advisable to clean up the dirt in the machine’s control box.

The feeding machine utilizes various motors and because the motor rotation speed is high it is necessary to use a reduction motor to slow down at the transmit power point. When using for only small amounts, it is important to check the motor and gear motor to see if there is anything abnormal in the operation of the machine.

Maintenance is a vital part of any operation, and so you must be aware of this especially in terms of the reducer gear, gear oil and so on.


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