Project Description

Welcome to our automated pull-out panel broiler cage project located in the Philippines! Our chicken house covers an area of ​​130 meters by 16 meters, making it a modern poultry farming facility designed to accommodate 40,000 broiler chickens. We are committed to providing the highest quality breeding environment to ensure the health and comfort of our chickens.

Project Highlights:

1.  Automated Pull-out Panel Design: Our broiler cages feature advanced automated pull-out panel design, enabling automated management and cleaning. This design effectively reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.

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2. Advanced Environmental Control System: Equipped with an advanced environmental control system, including monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation. This helps create an optimal breeding environment, enhancing broiler growth rate and breeding efficiency.

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3. High-Quality Feeding and Watering Systems: Our project features high-quality feeding and watering systems, ensuring chickens receive balanced nutrition and adequate hydration, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

broiler chicken coop

4. Support Automatic Bird Harvesting: Our project uses automatic manure cleaning belts and chicken removal roulette, which can transport chickens from cages to outside the chicken house, greatly reducing manual intervention, increasing the speed of chicken removal, and reducing chicken disabilities.

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Our automated pull-out panel broiler cage project offers top-notch breeding environment and services, assisting you in achieving efficient production and economic benefits in broiler farming. We welcome your participation and cooperation!