Project Description

Automatic Chicken Farm Equipment Project Description:

The chicken farm equipment project is located in Hengshui city, Hebei province, China. The customer originally had 20,000 laying hens, and later decided to expand the scale of breeding and build 6 enclosed chicken houses, each with about 30,000 laying hens.

The customer requested the use of automatic poultry equipment, chicken house environmental control system, and automatic manure removal system, etc. Three chicken houses use A-type battery cage system, and the other three chicken houses use H-type battery cage systems.

  • Project location: Hengshui City, China
  • Scale: 30,000 chickens per house, total 6 poultry houses,
  • Poultry house type: closed type

Chicken farm equipment used:

  • A type + H type automated battery cage system,
    • Automatic egg collection system
    • Automatic manure removal system
    • Automatic feeding system
    • Automatic waterer
  • Feed mill machine
  • Environmental control system
    • Tunnel ventilation system
    • Cooling pad
    • Light system
chicken house under construction

Chicken house under construction

Poultry house using steel structure

Poultry house using steel structure

Tunnel ventilation system

Tunnel ventilation system and manure removal conveyor

A type battery cage system

A-type battery cage system with egg collection system

automated battery cage system

H-type automated battery cage system

Fully automatic poultry farm

Hightop fully automatic poultry farm equipment coming into use