Professional Poultry Slaughtering Line Equipment Machine For Slaughterhouse Abattoir Project

This machine is intended for large-scale slaughtering of chickens and was originally designed for a slaughterhouse abattoir project. A complete poultry slaughter line basically comprises different slaughter equipment combined with conveying rails. It’s the core part of a successful slaughterhouse operation.

Main Features

  • Advanced design and technology
  • High quality guarantee
  • Long service life
  • High degree of automation
  • Easy operation and straightforward maintenance
  • Labor and energy saving device

Large Scale Slaughterhouse Processing

Hang the chicken on the pothook

Hang the chickens on the pot hooks

Electric stunning

Electric stunning device

Soaking and scalding machine

Soaking and scalding machine

Unhairing machine

Defeathering machine



Separate machine

Separate machine

Precooling machine

Pre Cooling machine

Vacuum package machine

Vacuum packaging machine

Main Equipment & Materials:

  1. Living poultry killing and bleeding unit
    1. Poultry killing and bleeding automatic overhead conveyor rail
    2. Closed-type poultry scalding machine
    3. Automatic claw-removing machine
    4. Horizontal type plucking machine
    5. Poultry carcass receiving trough
    6. Automatic un-loading device for claws
    7. Automatic cleaning machine for hooks
    8. Standard-type trolley
    9. Frequency conversion electric controlling cabinet
  2. Evisceration unit
    1. Poultry evisceration automatic overhead conveyor rail;
    2. Viscera sliding trough
    3. Spraying-type carcass cleaning machine;
    4. Standard-type trolley;
    5. Normal electric controlling cabinet;
  3. Poultry carcass pre-cooling, de-boning and packing unit;
    1. Poultry carcass spiral-type pre-cooling machine;
    2. Poultry carcass receiving trough;
    3. Poultry carcass de-boning and packing automatic over head conveyor rail;
    4. Poultry carcass de-boning belt conveyor;
    5. Carcass de-boning table;
    6. Half carcass cutting machine;
    7. Packaging table;
    8. Dual-chamber type vacuum packaging machine;
    9. Normal electric weighing scale;
    10. Plate-type electric weighing scale;
  4. Auxiliary equipment and installation material unit
    1. Knife sterilizing and hand washing device;
    2. High pressure gun;
    3. Poultry slaughtering plant installation material.